Facilitator training, MINDS AT WORK, Harvard Graduate School – September 2011

Newfield Coach Training Program, University of Calgary – ‘ ‘ 2008

“  “, Lakefield College, 1962

Professional Experience

1962 – After graduation, I joined my father in a new publishing venture, Industrial Supervisory Institute Ltd. I started in the mail room, graduating to sales, sales manager, copywriter, editor, and eventually President. I bought the company in 19xx when my father and his partners retired.

1974 – Co-founded and was Managing Director of Canadian Training and Development Group Inc. providing supervisory and sales training through a network of over 60 distributors across Canada.

1981 – Changing focus from training to process implementation, I co-founded and was President of Managerial Design Corporation (MDC), offering organizational effectiveness programs, strategic planning processes, performance management systems, and process management. MDC was purchased in 2010 by Deloitte & Touche LLP

1995 – Founded Partnering Designs Inc. (PDI), a boutique practice specializing in partnering strategies for business rejuvenation. Co-developed the Better Schools Partnership in 199x/20xx, a strategy and solution model for capitalizing energy savings to fund school renewal.

2004 – Co-founded Better Planet Productions Inc. to deliver conservation education to school districts in Ontario.

2008 – Moved to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to retire. Failed retirement. Co-authored the ebook Navigating from Reaction to Response. A self-coaching guide. Shifting my entire focus to transformational and ontological coaching, I begin offering executive coaching to past training and process implementation clients.

Personal Interests

Yoga, Nia (a discipline that draws on martial arts, dance, and healing arts), exercising and weight lifting, beach walks with my wife and dog, playing my old Martin and Gibson acoustic guitars, reading (mostly non-fiction), and time with family and friends.