Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, business owner or manager, hiring a coach is an investment in yourself: your success, performance, well-being and personal satisfaction. Many people who hire a coach view him or her as part of their extended support team, and a partner in ongoing transformational learning.

Coaching structure

When we form a coaching partnership, here is what you can expect:

  • Four weekly calls. We start with four calls, held once a week to address your immediate concerns. This is also a time to review what coaching is and is not; clarify the fit between my approach to coaching and your expectations; determine your goals and level of commitment; and, create ground rules for working together in our coaching relationship. Read more about my approach.
  • Three, six and 12-month coaching terms. I offer several coaching term options, all on a retainer basis. Why a retainer? My experience has been that this serves as the best foundation for a coaching partnership.
  • One x-hour call per week, with open availability for additional calls and emails. We schedule one primary call per week with a focus on a commitment to action. Additional calls and email communication can be scheduled as needed.
  • Our coaching ‘contract’ remains open at all times. The ‘contracts’ I form with my clients are best described as ‘meeting of the minds.’ However, you are not locked into any contracts or long-term commitments. Results are the glue that keeps our partnership going.