The Context:

The goal of the Institute is to make it a pleasure for you to come to work!

The way we can accomplish that goal is by creating a space where you can work with your peers to invent a new business model based on proven best practices.

Man on a Mission:   To help facility managers make it fun to go to work every day.

Mike is uniquely equipped to serve you as Program Director of the Facility Management Leadership Institute (FMLI).

Mike’s background for many years was business systems design in private and public sector. From 1981 to 1995 he was president of Managerial Design Corporation (now part of Deloitte Canada).

Since the mid-90s he has been president of Partnering Designs Inc. focusing almost exclusively on Facility Management needs.

  • Coaching Facility Managers: How to take your power back and enjoy your work again.
  • Business/Organizational Renewal. Adapting with the times. Adopting new best practices.
  • Facility Strategy development: FMs aligning with senior management goals.
  • Supplier Partnering: for leverage, new capital & capacity for performance breakthrough.
  • Service Quality (Process) Management.

In 2008 Mike moved from Ontario to B.C. His focus has been transformation coaching, from which the idea for the Leadership Institute was born.

Mike’s personal interests are golf, music, hiking, and being a champion granddad.