My approach to transformational coaching is not about handing out advice, nor about ‘tips and techniques’ for success. As a transformational coach, my role is to facilitate personal change by enabling you to ultimately coach yourself by teaching you self-coaching, while taking the mystery out of the coaching relationship and processes.

Coaching blueprint

This is what you can expect from a coaching partnership with Partnering Designs.

  • Our partnership is based on ethics. One of our first conversations is centred on coaching ethics, since trust is essential to open and honest conversations of self-reflection.
  • We create a partnering ‘contract’: As a first step in our coaching relationship, we create a partnering ‘contract,’ by: reviewing what coaching is and is not; clarifying the fit between my approach to coaching and your expectations; determining your goals and level of commitment; and, creating ground rules for working together in our coaching relationship.
  • My coaching is driven by you. You determine the goals for your coaching, and set the agenda for each conversation.
  • Coaching is not about being rescued or quick fixes. The key to being coachable and getting the most from coaching is taking the view that you are responsible for yourself.  Some people show up expecting to be rescued or saved. As a coach, my responsibility is to avoid ‘rescuing’ you with quick-fix advice. Instead, I create the space for self-reflection and facilitate a process for generating possibilities and making choices.
  • Coaching is learning through a series of conversations over time. Coaching is not a mysterious process. Transformational coaching is accomplished through one-to-one learning conversations over a period of time, set within a teaching framework.