elephant1A New Approach to Your Biggest Challenge

Join us on October 23rd, 2014 as we grapple with the biggest issue most facility managers have to deal with: the deferred renewal gap. It’s the elephant in the room no one wants to own and yet, there it sits getting larger each year, stressing your resources and your work life.

We believe partnering is the answer and (before you jump to a standard response of why it doesn’t work or won’t work in your situation) that you’ve been attempting to implement solutions using an outmoded business model. In this fast-paced day of information, sharing, role-playing and script development, you will learn and practice techniques to help you have the  conversations needed to confront and overcome the challenges of minding the gap.

Our Spring workshop was rated “Exceptional” by 80% of the participants and we feel Minding the Gap will be even more helpful to you, giving you a solid foundation to make changes in your current situation, creating solutions, better relationships and more job satisfaction.

Tame the elephant! It could take you to some wonderful new places.elephantride